OURacle was selected for San Diego Mesa College In-Part Exhibition 2019. In this interactive art installation, guests were reassured and guided through self-readings using oracle (tarot) cards. They chose cards then found their meanings on @OURacle, a dedicated Instagram account created by local and worldwide community. Crystal made the oracle cards, posted 2/day leading up to the exhibition, and asked the Instagram community to interpret them.

Guests chose cards by turning them over and rehanging
OURacle had 36 cards and 3 crystal collages
Guests gazed at the crystal collages before posing their question
Crystal collages are sewn painted paper and photographs
Guests looked up the meaning of their cards on @OURacle Instagram
Over 300 people attended the opening of In-Part exhibition at San Diego Mesa College Gallery
Crystal collages transmitted and witnessed
Guests enjoyed touching the art - no cards were stolen
The self-readings were accurate and helpful
The local and worldwide Instagram community interpreted the cards for OURacle
We're all seeking guidance...art helps us find our way
OURacle was a collaboration bringing strangers online together
Everyone wanted to interact with OURacle
Art helps us clear our minds and tune into what's important
Sharing immersive experiences brings us closer together
Designed for divine aid
In-Part included the work of 21 artists - all participatory and/or interactive
Crystal Daigle with OURacle
Technology used for guidance and connection
OURacle is like a game, linking viewers to their inner wisdom
Art that creates excitement and joy is essential for a healthy society
OURacle asked viewers to trust -- themselves and people they hadn't met yet
Approximately 90"w x 75" h
iPad is enclosed in security case and screwed to pedestal
Guests could also add their own interpretations on Instagram
Each card had 3 - 18 interpretations
Contributors said participating was a high point of their day, connecting them with quiet knowing