Viewers shifted into their parasympathetic nervous systems (relaxation!) through touch, music and visuals designed with biofeedback science. Prithva Rhythms was selected for the Athenaeum's 28th Annual Juried Exhibition in La Jolla, CA. Crystal thanks Mark Title for woodworking support and Roger Wagner for Hyperduino support.

Guests immersed themselves in visuals, music and touch
Self-touch with furry mitt generated delta brainwaves (relaxation)
Crystal collage is painted and sewn paper informed by Sedona hikes
When furry mitt was lifted, a sensor told the Hyperduino to turn on mp3 player
Artist Crystal Daigle enjoyes gentle, furry touch
Prithva Rhythms at Atheneaum's 28th Annual Juried Exhibition
Roger Wagner mentored Crystal in programming Hyperduino to coordinate a photocell and mp3 player
Crystal composed music using biofeedback science to help participants' slow their breathing and experience relaxation
Crystal composed music on Beatwave then edited in Audacity
Participants gazed at the crystal collage while breathing deeply
A long line of guests waited to experience Prithva Rhythms
Hyperduino is powered by batteries and/or ac
Crystal lined the hand made furry mitt with smooth satin