Guests at BREAKTHROUGH: THE FUTURE watched eagerly as their futures were digitally painted in real-time by psychic artist Crystal Daigle. Crystal painted on an iPad connected to a projector.  Vanguard Culture produced the event at IDEA1 in downtown San Diego.

Creatives played in projected futures
Digital paintings were created in 5-6 minutes and projected from behind
Guests were enthralled watching paintings in progress
Psychic Artist Crystal Daigle painted with Procreate for iPad
Crystal briefly interpreted each guest's psychic painting
Prysmatic Tomorrows was part of Vanguard Culture's BREAKTHROUGH: THE FUTURE in downtown San Diego
The sign up sheet was overflowing!
Paintings conveyed colors, shapes and uplifting messages
Guests said over and over that Crystal captured their hopes and dreams
Guests wore futuristic costumes
Friends Barry and Lucy took photos and videos
Envisioning a positive future through interactive art, technology, fashion, science and music
Crystal intuitively read guests and painted from behind the projection curtain
Fun fun fun fun!
Every image was painted specifically for one guest
Location: IDEA1 Apartment courtyard
Crystal sharing her insights with guests
All paintings were added to a slideshow that ran through the evening
Psychic Artist Crystal Daigle wearing her "Team Tree" futuristic costume
Crystal was fascinated by guests rhythms and light
Immersive art! Community-building! Self-expression!