THOUGHT FOREST is featured in National Geographic’s film San Diego: City of Creativity! Thought Forest was part of Vanguard Culture’s SENSORIUM event on June 30th, 2018 at IDEA1 in San Diego, CA.

Psychic artist Crystal trained Daniela Haskara and John Zavocki to intuitively draw guests' thought portraits with her. Drawings were then hung together to create THOUGHT FOREST where guests wandered and reflected. The project was supported by several generous collectors.

Guests sat opposite psychic artists and had their thought portraits drawn
Crystal trained Daniela Haskara and John Zavocki to capture guests' thoughts in 3 minute drawings
John Zavocki drawing guests' thought portrait using black paint marker on paper
Guests experienced being seen and known
When a new tree was filled with drawings, Crystal hung it in the forest
Thought Forest hung from a tall staircase inside the IDEA1 Apartments Courtyard during Sensorium
Guests reflected inside Thought Forest on the power of their minds
Place-making magic
Crystal thanks generous financial backers!
Guests found a magical refuge beneath the stairs (upper right)
Psychic drawings merged into each other
Daniela Haskara sharing psychic drawings
Thought Forest connected guests with powerful, unseen realms