Poetry of the Spheres was installed at A Ship in the Woods, Escondido, CA, in January of 2019 as part of their Grey Matter event. Guests were invited to be present with themselves and 4 sphere waterecolor paintings mounted in the forest, then express their poetry in nearby notebooks. The small lights created an intimate, magical space.

Poetry of the Spheres 1
Guests' poetry and insights became a collective poem
Softly lit paintings created a magical forest haven
Waterproof notebooks held guests' mindful gems
Guests created poetry in response to art and nature
Guests observed this sphere watercolor inspired by a local preserve
Crystal Daigle, the artist, within Poetry of the Spheres
Forest creatures also participated
Sphere watercolor capturing local beach essence
A winding pathway at night marked by art and poetry
Weatherproof notebooks wore collaged covers
Guests expressed from their centers
Opportunities for intimacy
Guest focused outward then inward
Watercolor based on A Ship in the Woods creek
Words flowed
A Ship in the Woods - daytime view
Poetry in response to art
Palette from the installation
Guests were invited to open, get present and write
A sphere watercolor based on A Ship in the Woods forest
"I love you. It's that simple."
Crystal, the artist, installing paintings
Quiet paintings in the night
Nearby notebooks caught guests ah ha's
Poetry of the Spheres, Daytime View
Paintings invited mindfulness in the sacred woods
Guests wrote reflections in nearby notebooks
4 stations for pondering and writing
Moist earth, wet leaves, art and poetry
Guests walked through from 2 directions
4 opportunities to settle in, notice and express
The unexpected lights enchanted guests
A chance to slow down, breathe and notice